Dropbox Storage Integration Emerges as Essential Feature in Many Apps

1 - Dropbox Storage Integration Emerges as Essential Feature in Many Apps
2 - Trello
3 - Wrike
4 - Expensify
5 - MailPilot
6 - ShutterStock
7 - FreshDesk
8 - Ballpark
9 - Blimp
10 - Zoho
11 - GoodReader
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Dropbox Storage Integration Emerges as Essential Feature in Many Apps

by Don Reisinger

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Trello is project-management software for the simpler tasks in life. The application allows users to create to-do lists, set up "ideas" and monitor work in progress. Perhaps most importantly, it works with Dropbox by allowing users to save items from their Dropbox in the project-management software.

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Wrike, another project-management application, is designed for companies that want to quickly create tasks and track teams. Last year, the company integrated Dropbox into its application by allowing users to attach files from the online storage directly into projects and tasks. It was a welcome addition.

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Expensify is a surprisingly powerful tool for companies that want to quickly track their financials. The application allows users to track and bill expenses, as well as create invoices. Its Dropbox integration allows for synching of those documents with the cloud-storage service so nothing gets lost.

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MailPilot is arguably one of the most useful email programs out there. The application allows users to take more control over their inboxes by tracking messages, assigning due dates and more. Plus, it allows for files in the Dropbox to be attached to messages. It's designed for mobile devices.

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ShutterStock, an online repository of images and vector artwork for designers, lets a user save files from the site directly in his or her Dropbox. In some cases, the files offered are free, while in others, users must pay a royalty. In either case, ShutterStock's Dropbox integration is a welcome feature.

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FreshDesk provides a customer service solution for companies. The company's platform allows employees to access requests and handle them accordingly. To make it a bit more useful for customer service agents, FreshDesk also allows for attaching images. With Dropbox integration, images can be attached directly from the cloud storage.

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Ballpark is designed for smaller companies or individuals who want to be able to track time and expenses and create invoices from the Web. The service's Dropbox integration allows for files on the service to be added to invoices and estimates. It's a nice addition.

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Blimp is designed to be a "simple" project management tool for designers and creative individuals. Since many creative files can be huge in size, Dropbox integration is a handy tool that allows users to easily share files with the project manager.

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Zoho's integration of Dropbox is a nice, convenient addition. The application allows users to share documents with the company's project-management platform, and can be directly integrated with its full suite of services, which includes productivity tools, time-management and more.

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GoodReader is the best PDF reader in the App Store, which makes it a must-have for just about any iPad or iPhone owner. But what makes its Dropbox integration special is that it allows for users to transfer files to and from GoodReader directly into the cloud-based storage solution. Plus, all the files and folders in GoodReader will automatically sync with Dropbox.

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