Egnyte ELC Extends Cloud Storage with VMware, Google Docs and FTP

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Egnyte ELC Extends Cloud Storage with VMware, Google Docs and FTP

by Jason Brooks

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Egnyte VM

I kicked off my tests of the ELC by pointing an ESXi 4.1 host running in our lab at an OVF template URL provided by Egnyte.

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Virtual Console

With the ELC instance deployed on ESXi, I could access the VM through its virtual console.

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Management Console

The ELC instance served up a pair of management consoles for handling admin tasks.

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Sync Console

I could schedule sync operations, or trigger them manually.

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User Mapping

One of the few required configuration steps involved mapping local ELC users to users on Egnyte's service online.

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Invitation Notification

I received e-mail notifications when the users I'd invited first logged onto the service.

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Google Docs Integration

I could edit my cloud-stored documents using Google's Apps.

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Google Sync Time

The Egnyte service alerted me that it would take a few minutes for the changes I'd made in Google Docs to show up in my cloud store.

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Document Search

Egnyte's service supports document search, tagging and revision history.

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Audit Report

I could fetch audit reports of the access and edit histories of my online files.

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