Eizo, Sony Display State of the Art

The recent arrival of narrow-bezel LCD monitors from Eizo Nano and Sony Electronics earned awe and envy at eWEEK Labs.

The recent arrival of narrow-bezel LCD monitors from Eizo Nano Technologies and Sony Electronics earned awe and envy from the usually hard-to-impress denizens at eWEEK Labs.

The trend in narrow-bezel LCD monitors allows workers such as engineers, developers and graphic designers to replace bulky, real-estate-hungry CRT monitors with stylish displays that take up little space. Another bonus: While prices for these monitors continue to drop, screen sizes are growing.

Eizos FlexScan L985EX is a 21.3-inch workhorse geared toward graphics fanatics. Released in April, this model delivered the most impressive images among the LCD monitors in the lab. The L985EX displayed consistently crisp and focused images at a native resolution of 1,600 by 1,200 pixels.

The wide screen can display two letter-size documents side by side and has digital and analog inputs. The screen also rotates to work in portrait mode.

Sonys P232W/B is a 23-inch monster of a monitor. The 16-by-10-inch wide-aspect-ratio flat-panel display allowed me to display multiple pages in actual size simultaneously—a plus for employees in the financial, graphic and manufacturing industries. The P232W/Bs 1,920-by-1,200-pixel resolution displayed graphics with good color fidelity and detail. The slim bezel monitor comes with analog and digital inputs.

The P232W/Bs graphics capabilities werent as impressive as on the L985EX, but text looked clean and sharp, and it showed movies beautifully—a plus since it can be wall-mounted. Both monitors boast a jaw-dropping price of $3,000. (No one ever said popularity would come cheap.)

Details on Eizos L985EX are at www.eizo.com. Information on Sonys P232W/B can be found at www.sony.com.