EMC Upgrades Data Movement Software

New software is more granular and minimizes downtime.

EMC Corp. on Wednesday upgraded its data movement software to be more granular and minimize downtime.

Officials also announced a road map for the software, PowerPath 4.0, including the movement of server software into network switches, and storage management using the Common Information Model.

"EMCs really expanding what we believe the definition of path management is. It starts to position what were going to be doing with data lifecycle management," said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president, storage infrastructure software.

To help users gain better control of storage, PowerPath now has a volume manager, similar to the popular Volume Manager from EMCs partner, Mountain View, Calif.s Veritas Software Corp., he said. But the EMC version uses a central and redundant metadata store, Gahagan said, on the third day of the annual EMC Technology Summit, in Las Vegas.

EMCs version of the feature also automatically identifies new logical unit numbers (LUNs), he said.

PowerPath 4.0 also can move data without downtime. The Hopkinton, Mass., company will ship 4.0 in May, he said.

Also coming from PowerPath is the ability to support non-EMC storage and CIM management. Those features in turn help enable functions like network-based lease migration, storage reconfiguration, and performance optimization, Gahagan said.

Pricing for the new version was not immediately available.

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