Emerson Launches Aperture Data Center Optimization Suite

Emerson Network Power claims that its Aperture Integrated Resource Manager, a result of Emerson's acquisition of Aperture in February 2008, is the industry's first data center optimization software that doesn't require a new server to run it.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.-Emerson Network Power, which once specialized in power supplies but has been expanding into a range of other data center-related products, on March 9 launched a data center management package that combines all facility resources yet requires no new servers to run.
The company made the announcement at AFCOM's Data Center World conference here at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville. It's a well-attended conference this year; more than 800 data center managers, vendor representatives, end users and analysts are present-up 200 or so from 2009.
Emerson claims that its new Aperture IRM (Integrated Resource Manager), which is a result of Emerson's acquisition of Aperture in February 2008, is the industry's first data center optimization software that doesn't require a new server to run it.
Users can simply install the package on one of their existing machines while Aperture service personnel take care of the rest of the deployment.
"This is designed to extend the life of existing infrastructure resources while improving overall efficiency in the data center," Aperture Product Marketing Manager Traci Yarbrough told eWEEK. "Over time, if used correctly, the IRM can deliver cost savings in the millions of dollars by enabling organizations to delay new data center builds, increase rack densities, better utilize existing resources and improve staff efficiency."
IRM's key features, according to Yarbrough, are:

"-Aggregating real-time data from infrastructure monitoring and building management systems into a single presentation to gain full insight into data center operations;-Delaying data center builds by fitting more equipment into existing racks and safely deploying higher rack densities to take advantage of energy savings associated with high density architectures;-Setting the algorithms for analyzing and applying monitored data into business intelligence for use in data center planning and meeting service levels in their organization;-Utilizing power and cooling resources closer to their full capacities without threatening availability, fully leveraging existing assets and delaying capital expenditures; and-Significantly reducing the manual effort of collecting, aggregating and reporting real-time data from disparate systems, improving staff efficiency, saving time and money."

"Our customers have told us that in the wake of the recent downturn there is a new paradigm for efficiently managing data centers," said Thomas Waun, president of Emerson's Aperture business. "Improving overall efficiency is the new imperative in business and in the data center. This [IRM] will provide significant cost savings through holistic management of energy consumption, capital resources and process efficiency."
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