Emulex Rolls Out 4-Gig Storage Switches

The 4G-bps FibreSpy 850 and 870 switches reduce reliance upon out-of-band management networks.

Addressing the need to improve back-end tiered flexibility and performance within root switch and fully switched architecture disk- and tape-based storage installations, Emulex Corp. this week rolled out its new line of FibreSpy 4G bps frame level embedded storage switches.

Targeted at the OEM audience, the new drop-in based 4G bps FibreSpy Model 850 and 870 switch boxes are interoperable with Emulexs existing InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches.

Emulexs third generation of embedded storage switches are application compatible and allow users to reduce reliance upon out-of-band management networks.

FibreSpy root switch deployments build speed agile switched connectivity between a storage controller and a storage arrays drive shelves.

The same model can be incorporated within tape library installations as well, according to officials of Costa Mesa, Calif.-based Emulex.

The new switch boxes support in-band SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) management to foster smooth communications over Fiber Channel networks.

OEM customers can take advantage of Emulexs FibreSpy 850 and 870 models to intermix high-performance SBOD (switched bundle of disks) at 4G bps in unison with lower-cost 2G bps near-line storage inside a single storage system.

That scenario should play well with the storage consolidation efforts of customers who are trying to augment storage capacity without any type of performance drop-offs.

Emulex has also kept busy strengthening its presence with its partner base. Last week the company announced that Sun Microsystems Inc. has chosen Emulexs 4G bps SAN (storage area network) connectivity offerings to help boost throughput and lower energy consumption levels for customers deploying Suns new UltraSPARC T1-based Sun Fire servers.

On the switch front, last September, Emulex said it would give Hewlett-Packard a customized version of its Model 350 Embedded Storage Switch for the new HP StorageWorks EVA (Enterprise Virtual Array) family of products.

The switches are included as standard within the HP StorageWorks EVA 8000 and EVA6000. However, the switch is an optional feature for the HP StorageWorks EVA 4000.


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