Enosys Casts New Eye on Data

The platform can help enterprises gain real-time views of data typically distributed across many information sources.

Enosys Software Inc. Monday announced and XQuery-based suite of products known as the Enosys platform.

The Enosys platform is targeted at enterprise environments to help enterprises gain real-time views of their data that is typically distributed across many information sources, officials at the Redwood City, Calif., company said.

The XML-based platform consists of the Enosys Integration Server, Enosys Design Suite and Enosys Management Tools, and enables real-time information integration inside and outside an organizations firewalls, the company said.

The Enosys platform can provide a real-time view of data from relational databases, mainframe applications, legacy systems, documents or spreadsheets, the company said.

The company calls the category its software fits into the Enterprise Information Integration market. And Enosys provides a "universal layer," based on XML, for accessing enterprise data, the company said. Using Enosys, developers build queries to retrieve information and then deliver it as XML results or Web services components.

In a statement, Dave Banks, CEO of Enosys, said, "Using our Enosys Integration Server platform, for the first time, enterprises can get an integrated, real-time view of information" for less cost than some alternatives.

Banks said Enosys users can use the platform to deliver Web self-service applications on portals or put the system into enterprise application integration schemes to complement EAI strategies.

Pricing for the Enosys platform begins at $30,000 per server. The company has enjoyed some early success with the product in early adopter sites including APL Inc. and Sonitrol Fire & Security, a subsidiary of Tyco International

Founded in 1999, Enosys was named after the Greek word for integration, in honor of its two co-founders - Yannis Papakonstantinou and Vasilis Vassalos - both XML experts.