Enova Launches Enigma USB Data-Encryption Platform

The platform sports a host of security standards certifications and up to 256-bit strength encryption.

Hardware-based cryptographic solutions provider Enova Technology announced the launch of the Enigma module, a USB encryption solution for enterprises, offering real-time full-disk encryption for a wide range of USB mass-storage-class drives. The module offers protection of data-at-rest to help eliminate the risk of a breach.

Among the key features is automatic encryption where data is written to the USB drive through the Enigma module, and data read-out from the drive is automatically decrypted, and can also encrypt solid-state drives, thumb drives, Blu-ray, DVD+/- RW, CD-R drives and card-reader media, including Secure Digital (SD) and multimedia card, and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux or Google Android operating systems.

"As the frequency and severity of data breaches grows, endpoint security is increasingly critical to consumers and organizations looking to secure their sensitive information. External storage devices, in particular, such as USB hard drives and thumb drives, are often unprotected and, therefore, vulnerable to data theft or device loss,€ Charles Kolodgy, research vice president of security products at IT research firm IDC said in a press statement. €œHardware solutions that provide ease of use and comprehensive capabilities are a huge asset to both organizations and individual users in protecting data-at-rest."

The platform sports a host of security standards certifications, including one from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), alongside Communications Security Establishment (CSE) certified hardware, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), ECB/CBC encrypting engines and up to 256-bit strength encryption. Rounding out the package is the ability to create a read-only function on the USB drive that protects users from potentially harmful viruses, spyware and malware.

A recent global study released by the Ponemon Institute found that in all surveyed countries, the expected benefits of full-disk encryption exceeded the estimated costs of implementing a solution by a factor ranging from four to 20. When compared with the potential damage caused by data disclosure, the cost of encryption is a fraction of the value it provides to businesses around the world, the report revealed.

"Often, the implementation of data-encryption solutions is a retroactive endeavor after a major data breach. To aid organizations in proactively securing their data at rest, we've taken our expertise in data encryption and packaged it into an easy-to-use USB solution,€ Enovo CEO Robert Wann said in prepared remarks. €œThe Enigma module will add a much-needed layer of security to sensitive consumer and enterprise data."