EVault Dives into Archiving

Three new additions aim to extend the company's backup and data protection software deep into file archiving.

EVault on Feb. 27 will unveil three new additions to its product portfolio which extend the companys backup and data protection software deep into file archiving waters.

The announcement will include the debut of EVault ArcWare to clean up non-critical files, enhancements to EVault InfoStage to archive backups, and new instant messaging archiving capabilities for EVaults ProMail managed service.

Currently available, EVault ArcWare is designed to offer policy-based archiving for less frequently accessed, obsolete, and older files often taking up valuable space on enterprise servers.

Based on and integrated with EVaults existing InfoStage online backup and recovery software, ArcWare enables IT administrators to set up time-sensitive automated policies to scan servers and define which systems to check for those files, what path criteria to follow, file dates and various sizes to archive.

The product, which can support a tiered storage architecture, offers a Web-based interface to centrally manage and monitor the archiving process across network-accessible shared drives and servers from any browser running Microsoft Internet Explorer.

An option within the archiving process enables customers to take a file and send it to a data protected vault and replace it with a shortcut or link.

That way they can see the file name and immediately bring the file back from the archive while maintaining a copy within the central repository with security permissions wrapped around it, said Richard Heitmann, senior director of Product Marketing for Emeryville, Calif.-based EVault.

For its part, EVault InfoStage has been enhanced to support NAS (network-attached storage) as well as different classes of disk-to-disk based storage via new policy-driven data management and archiving tools to drive data migration.

Heitmann said this new rules feature will enable organizations to allocate backup data toward appropriate storage tiers based on availability and need.

Therefore, higher performing and higher availability disks can be assured to run the most recent backups and force archived less active and long term data onto less costly storage devices, which in turn reclaims vital storage capacity space.

With compliance, corporate governance improvement, and satisfying U.S. regulatory preparations top of mind for many organizations, EVault has revamped its managed services ProMAIL offering to include logging, archiving, and discovery for instant messages.

The capability is added to the products existing functionality for e-mail.

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Other ProMail software enhancements provide new pre-defined reporting tools, a simplified user interface, and streamlined workflow improvements to assist compliance auditing and review operations.

EVault InfoStage pricing starts at $16,000. EVault AcrWare cost starts at $3,000.

As an outsourced service, EVault ProMails monthly pricing is based on the number of IM accounts, e-mail mailboxes, amount of data that is archived, and contract length.

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