eWEEK's Top 10 Storage Stories of 2008

eWEEK Senior Writer Chris Preimesberger ranks the top 10 storage stories of the year. Online backup, private cloud systems and vastly improved overall capacity for disks, flash memory, and even tape all make the list for 2008.

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Data Storage 2008: It Was All About Capacity and the Cloud

Here are Storage Station blogger and eWEEK Senior Writer Chris Preimesberger's Top 10 Storage Stories of the year, somewhat in order of importance:
Feb. 22: Why We're Starting to Trust Storage in the Cloud
Online services such as EMC MozyHome, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Carbonite and Box.net shot up in popularity in 2008. Most offer unlimited personal or business data storage for anywhere from $50 to $75 per year, depending upon optional features.
Nov. 4: Get Off of My Cloud: Private Cloud Computing Takes Shape
Private cloud computing differs from the mainstream version in that smaller, cloudlike IT systems within a firewall offer similar services, but to a closed internal network. This network may include corporate or division offices, other companies that are also business partners, raw-material suppliers, resellers, production-chain entities and other organizations intimately connected with a corporate mother ship.

Nov. 10: Sun Goes Beyond RAID in Its First Storage Appliance
The Sun Storage 7000 product line is the industry's first open-source storage appliance that can be used in a small IT system-or, using a larger form factor, in a large data center. Probably the most important Sun storage innovation in the company's history.
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June 26: Spansion Reveals 'Flash on Steroids'
Designed to replace DRAM (dynamic RAM) in servers, startup Spansion's new EcoRAM aims to cut power draw by 75 percent and increase read/write performance. This might be the biggest advancement in NAND flash technology in 20 years.
Jan. 15: EMC Breaks New Ground with SSDs in Storage Arrays
EMC claimed to be the first enterprise storage vendor to integrate flash-based solid-state drives into its core product portfolio. EMC's 73GB and 146GB SSDs became available as an option in the first quarter in EMC's high-end Symmetrix DMX-4 systems.
Nov. 24: Gifts That Can Save Your Data's Life: Good Portable Storage Options
Capacities keep going up, as do the number of value-added and optional features. And prices keep coming down, much to the joy of buyers and the chagrin of storage executives. "The prices are all market-driven. It's ridiculous how cheap these things are, but it is what it is," Iomega President Jonathan Huberman told eWEEK.
Nov. 10: EMC Launches Atmos, Its First Cloud-Building Platform
EMC showed that it is now officially a next-generation IT creator when it comes to cloud storage development. In November, EMC introduced Atmos, its first cloud-building appliance package-a combination of software and industry-standard x86 server hardware that can result in a multipetabyte, enterprise-level cloud storage infrastructure.
Oct. 15: Iomega Offers 1TB of Network Storage for $300
Iomega introduced the StorCenter ix2, a 1TB-capacity network storage drive with a desktop footprint that the company describes as "smaller than a large dictionary." The price: $300. The StorCenter ix2 is the first co-produced storage drive Iomega has launched since the company's acquisition by storage giant EMC in August.
July 10: Seagate Launches First 1.5TB Desktop Drive
Only about a year after introducing 1TB desktop drives, Seagate Technology unveiled the industry's first 1.5TB desktop drive along with a 500GB (half-terabyte) notebook hard drive.
June 13: IBM Unveils Portable Data Center 'Pods'
IBM's answer to Sun's Project Blackbox and Rackable, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft portables is designed to cut way back on power usage.
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