ExtremeTech Storage Tips Roundup

Storage Potpourri: A collection of recent articles, reviews, how-tos and reader contributions covering storage hardware from the pages of ExtremeTech.

Heres a number of recent technology articles, reviews and reader contributions from the pages of ExtremeTech:

Up Close and Technical: RAID One of the more surprising features in Intels latest chipset release is the support of RAID in its I/O controller hub. True, its limited to Serial ATA drives, and also true that its RAID 0 (striping) only. But its still significant, for several reasons.

For the rest of the story see RAID Goes Mainstream, But Is It Safe?

Top Tip: Partitions Does anyone know how I can recover 8GB of unformatted space (not recognized due to a jumper setting on the hard drive) from a already formated hard disk drive (without reformatting the whole disk)?

For the answer see Top Tip: Ive got the partition blues!

Top Tip: Upgrades I have a 500-MHz processor computer with a 8.6GB hard drive. Now the hard drive is full and I purchased a new Maxtor 120GB hard drive and want to install it. I would like to transfer all my files and data over and retain the old drive as a data base only. My CD drive is just a reader only. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For the answer see Top Tip: Need help installing new hard drive!

Top Tip: DVD Burning I have a Memorex 4x DVD burner that Ive used for about 5 months now for converting my own home videos into DVDs ... its been great. Id like to copy from one DVD to a blank DVD now, and the software that came with the drive doesnt allow for this. Any suggestions on the best software for this? (BTW: The easiest-to-use software and price are important.)

For the answer see Top Tip: Best software for copying DVDs?