FalconStor Adds Cumulus Logic Predictive Analytics to FreeStor

Intelligent Predictive Analytics works in real time for data visualization, analysis--similar to machine-learning tools Splunk and Tableau.

FalconStor Software, a longtime provider of storage management software, said Sept. 30 that it has licensed functionality from Cumulus Logic for a next-generation, cloud-based predictive analytics monitoring system for its FreeStor platform.

FreeStor is a single, converged, hardware-agnostic data services platform that works horizontally across all heterogeneous storage hardware, including all-flash arrays, hybrid flash and hard disk drive (HDD) arrays. Cumulus Logic's product is called Intelligent Predictive Analytics.

Intelligent Predictive Analytics works in real time for data visualization, analysis and action with capabilities similar to the historical analysis provided by machine-learning software tools such as Splunk and Tableau, FalconStor CEO Gary Quinn told eWEEK.

When it adds the new functionality, FalconStor said it will be one of the first—if not the first—vendors to offer heterogeneous intelligent analytics that works across an entire storage environment, no matter the type or location.

Beta Program to Start Soon

A beta test program will be starting soon, with general release expected to be around March 2016, FalconStor said.

FalconStor, which was among the first software developers to automate the storage disaster recovery process, will integrate the Cumulus Logic IP with its own Intelligent Abstraction feature to give users the ability to obtain real-time information horizontally across a system. The intent here is to better align IT policies with business goals, understand how to best tier data streams and better enable migration of data as needed, the company said.

In addition to "smart rules"-based tools for performance monitoring, capacity planning and other insights to maximize storage resources—which many hardware vendors lack—the cloud-based FreeStor engine also enables secure multitenancy for service providers that manage their customers' data and infrastructures. It also will support private cloud infrastructures.

Analytics Will Provide Head's Up on Hardware Problems

FreeStor's analytics will also be used to immediately notify customers of varying hardware problems such as I/O bottlenecks, capacity issues and SLA gaps. The streaming analytics will not only provide real-time data but also historical and global trending reports.

New interface enhancements will enable FreeStor to be deployed on various devices, including the desktop, the iPad, and mobile tablets and phones, allowing IT personnel to monitor from any location, Quinn said.

Key features of FreeStor's Cumulus Intelligent Predictive Analytics include the following:

  • Centralized monitoring, analytics and configuration across heterogeneous storage infrastructures;
  • Analyze and report storage, server and application metrics on varying levels;
  • Multivendor analytics: collect, analyze and correlate data from storage and application layers;
  • Historical and real-time trends and reports;
  • Streaming analytics and real-time insights;
  • Proactively detect and alert performance bottlenecks and health risks using a real-time analytics module;
  • Personalized dashboards;
  • Native iPhone/Android apps—mobile functionality;
  • Real-time performance, health and inventory monitoring; and
  • Define health policies for storage servers, and act on those in real time.

Current FalconStor customers will be able to obtain the new functionality at no extra cost, Quinn said.

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