FileMaker Offers Free FileMaker-to-Keynote Tool

The company on Tuesday also announced the dates for its FileMaker Developer Conference 2003.

FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Computer Inc., is giving away a FileMaker-to-Keynote tool that lets users transform FileMaker Pro 6 database data into native presentations for Apples new Keynote presentation software.

The tool uses the XML/XSLT support thats built into FileMaker Pro 6 to extract text, graphics and chart data from FileMaker Pro 6 databases.

In addition to the tool, FileMaker has more than 20 XSLT stylesheets available for free download at its FileMaker XML Central site. The stylesheets, which include FileMaker Pro-to-Microsoft Excel and FileMaker Pro-to-iPod, translate XML so that FileMaker Pro can exchange data with other applications that support XML.

On Tuesday, the Santa Clara, Calif., company also announced it will hold its FileMaker Developer Conference 2003 at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, in Phoenix, Aug. 24-27.

The sessions that will cover FileMaker database technology include Migrating FileMaker Solutions: Maximize Your Benefits and ROI; The New Horizons of FileMaker; Best Practices for FileMaker Security; Creating Your First XSLT Stylesheet; User Interface Design for FileMaker Pro; Moving Your Web Solutions from CDML to XSLT: An Introduction; Migration: The Advantages of Keeping Current; Conversion Techniques & Benefits for Users/Developers; Integrating FileMaker Within the Greater IT Environment; How to Build Relational Solutions with FileMaker Pro; Fundamentals of Relational Design: Planning for Success; Overview of FileMaker Web Technologies; Configuration Options for FileMaker Web Publishing; Getting the Most from Instant Web Publishing; FileMaker Integration with External Systems. There will also be a special focus on education.

For conference registration information, click here.

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