FormatX Automates the Look of Files

FormatX, from Cherniak Software, automatically formats CSV data in Excel.

Although it is easy to get data into Microsoft Excel, making the data presentable is more of a challenge. FormatX, from Cherniak Software, solves that problem by automatically formatting CSV data in Excel.

I like the $50 software for a few reasons but mainly because it eliminates the need to manually adjust column widths. FormatX runs as a macro in Excel and has a simple interface for customizing settings such as font selection and header and footer choices. The product doesnt eliminate the need for a product like Crystal Reports, but for $50, I could at least still manipulate the data I was trying to present.

FormatX can format one file at a time or can function in batch mode. It operates on a few simple assumptions based on the last data cell in the first data row, the last row in the first column of data, and the number of lines after the body data in a text or XLS file.

The product will pay for itself pretty quickly for users who spend any time at all formatting data. But FormatXs price is still high, given its focus on doing one thing and the going rate for simple trialware and shareware utilities.

A free download is available at