Geekspeak: April 22, 2002

Last month, IBM posted an online walk-though showing, in more detail than it has before, how it will be add XML features to DB2. Click here for the walkthrough

Xperanto is the code name for IBMs next generation data integration technology. Xperanto is three things: a query processor that accepts data queries in XQuery syntax; a federated query technology able to query data in all the popular databases as well as XML documents, Microsoft Corp. Excel spreadsheets, Web services and document management systems; and an Extensible Stylesheet Language-based transformation engine that turns output data in XML into other formats suitable for integrating into a client application. The whitepaper on Xperanto at is worth reading.

Xperantos technology is scheduled to be in beta later this year and to ship next year, probably integrated directly into DB2.

"DB2 is at the very core of how we intend to solve customer integration problems," said Jim Kleewein, an IBM distinguished engineer and Xperantos principal architect, in an interview. The full inteview can be found here.