GreenBytes Announces Solidarity Solid-State Storage Array

GreenBytes offers a replication capability that provides for continuous data protection and optimizes network utilization.

GreenBytes, a developer of inline deduplication data storage solutions, announced Solidarity, a high-availability (HA), globally optimized solid-state storage array that is designed to meet the production storage needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBes).

Featuring the GreenBytes GO OS (Globally Optimized Operating System), including inline real-time deduplication and compression, Solidarity packages incorporate a dual controller unit outfitted with a solid-state drive (SSD), offering 3.5TB (15TB effective) to 13.5TB (60TB effective) and capable of delivering 120,000 4K IOPS (input/output operations per second).

Solidarity is designed to help enable the SMB market to meet all primary and transactional storage missions, including virtual infrastructure (virtual machine (VM)/virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)) and databases with a single data tier, all-solid-state platform. The platform offers large virtual storage pools for single-tier storage, eliminating traditional tiering and the need for tiering software processes and heuristics. Additionally, the Solidarity GO OS uses Smart Write technology to coalesce writes and transactional/synchronous I/O.

The GreenBytes GO OS offers customers SAN (iSCSI) connectivity for integrating applications requiring high-performance storage. Additionally, the StorageManager administration interface provides graphical tools and wizards to configure, provision iSCSI LUNs and file systems, and subsequent monitoring. GreenBytes Solidarity will be generally available later in Q1, the company noted in a release.

€œAs the SMB market continues to deploy VDI and VM projects, budget-conscious storage administrators are looking for a total solution that provides high-performance, enterprise-class features and ample capacity,€ said Deni Connor, principal analyst at Storage Strategies Now. €œWith features including high availability and global inline deduplication and compression for replication, the GreenBytes Solidarity platform is a fresh architectural approach to an all-SSD solution and is certainly a product to watch in this growing space.€

The company offers both software-based and hardware-accelerated compression options. GreenBytes compression achieves reduction by as much as 3.6X or more and combines in real time with GreenBytes inline deduplication for greater reduction. GreenBytes offers a replication capability that provides for continuous data protection and also optimizes network utilization by compressing and deduplicating replication data over the wire.

Solidarity Smart Write technology de-amplifies writes to the array by orders of magnitude. This technology is designed to increase the service life of the equipment well beyond typical write endurance specifications of multi-level cell (MLC) SSD used for block and file storage. The Xeon-based controllers are redundant and can operate independently and are each equipped with four 1 Gigabit Ethernet and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet network ports. For Windows and VMware iSCSI environments, GreenBytes systems dynamically return thin-provisioned blocks when they are removed from their hosted environments.

€œMany SMB profile customers have diverse storage applications like large enterprises, but have neither the budget nor the staff to purchase and administer a one-of-everything solution,€ said Matt Aitkenhead, vice president of sales of GreenBytes. €œSolidarity provides a complete SSD-powered, single-tier solution for primary storage and virtualization missions that removes complexity and provides orders of magnitude increases of performance and capacity, which are true game changers in the midmarket storage arena.€