High-Speed DVD Burner Roundup - Page 11


Toshiba has built a reputation for building solid, unassuming drives that arent necessarily top performers, but are well-mannered and long-lived. The SD-R5272 seems to be continuing that tradition.

Like several other drives we reviewed, the Toshiba comes with the full Nero 6.3 OEM software suite. Its a capable, complete suite that should do well for most users. Documentation is on the skimpy side, however.

As for performance, the Toshiba plods along, generally placing in the rear of the pack, but always getting to the finish line. The 2MB buffer kept the burn process moving smoothly, without creating any coasters.

While it certainly cant be called a speedy drive, the price is right, at around $85 on the street. So if you want a low-cost, reliable performer, then this drive may be worth considering.


Toshiba SD-R5272

Web Site



Low cost; good software bundle


Slowest of the drives we tested


Capable and inexpensive but on the slow side.


$85, check prices