How to Choose an E-mail Archiving Solution - Page 3

Addressing privacy issues

Although e-mail archiving makes perfect business sense, privacy issues may arise in some organizations. Can an employer retain and monitor any employee's e-mail?

Some companies argue that e-mail sent using the company network becomes its property, and therefore management has a right to check employees' mailboxes. On the other hand, privacy rights groups argue that checking an employee's e-mail breaches his right to privacy.

Striking a balance is not easy, but at the end of the day, it is a question of trust. Every country and every state has its own rules and regulations regarding e-mail archiving and e-mail use. Companies need to be aware of all of the regulations before setting policy or acting against a worker.

What businesses really need to understand is that e-mail archiving is no longer an expense, but a justified cost of doing business and an insurance cover against possible legal or compliance repercussions. Companies that use an e-mail archiving solution find that the benefits go beyond those they had expected when they first chose the solution.

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