HP Autonomy Takes New Stab at Improving Backup, DR

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in this sector to make business continuity more user-friendly and workable.

Enterprise data backup and disaster recovery is always a pain to have to install, test, evaluate, and then deploy when a disruption occurs. Most often, the data never gets restored correctly, fully or at least in a timely fashion.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in this sector to make business continuity more user-friendly and workable. With this in mind, HP Autonomy on May 15 announced several updates to its lineup of adaptive backup and recovery solutions that are designed to solve most of those problems.

The three new packages—a new predictive analytics application called HP Backup Navigator, a new HP Data Protector Management Pack, and performance updates to HP Data Protector 9.0—provide control and insights that enable IT administrators to have better control of the allocation of backup resources. It's designed to reduce errors, recovery time and overall costs.

Due to increasing data volumes, myriad data formats, more mobile workforces and increasing adoption of cloud services, old-school backup and recovery models have been all but rendered obsolete. It is becoming too costly and ineffective—and risky, because old-time DR doesn't always restore everything—to rely on manually operated legacy systems to protect an organization's enterprise data.

HP Autonomy, which claims more than 60,000 users worldwide, is following its name and automating a good deal of this complexity out of the daily routine.

Key features include:

—Real-time, interactive "drill down" graphical dashboard powered by real-time operational analytics deliver actionable insight to historical, current and future performance;

—Collaborative, enhanced social media capabilities and automated report creation and sharing. This allows different teams of data center administrators within an organization to automatically share their backup policies and analytics dashboards. Other team members can then respond by marking as a favorite or sharing other related dashboards and reports; and

—Real-time, predictive analytics enables businesses to do better planning and anticipate problems.
HP Data Protector 9.0 offers rapid recovery of VMware vSphere virtual disks through the new SmartCache feature, saving time and resources and improving administration agility; secures backup workloads in dynamic environments through encryption; and protects deduplicated data in flight and at rest.
HP Data Protector Management Pack offers active alerting and event management with plug-in support for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. It enables teams to centrally monitor and report on the health, performance and availability of the entire HP Data Protector environment.


HP Backup Navigator and HP Data Protector Management Pack are available now. HP Data Protector 9.0 is expected to be available next month. Additional information is available here.

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