HPE Adds More Automation, Predictive Intelligence to 3PAR Storage

Self-improving infrastructure and integrated automation is designed to speed time to bottom-line revenue for enterprises.


Artificial intelligence seems to be embedded in every enterprise app here in mid-2018. Now even the normally serene and relatively docile data storage sector is getting more smarts inserted into things like arrays, virtual machines and controllers.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise on July 24 announced that it is adding new intelligence into its 3PAR data center storage lineup, so that the machines ostensibly can optimize themselves for higher application availability, among other things.

These additions include:

  • new predictive support automation with HPE InfoSight, the company’s home-developed AI for the data center, to drive higher levels of application availability for HPE 3PAR environments; and
  • enhanced application automation for on-premises infrastructure with HPE 3PAR to accelerate DevOps initiatives for increased productivity.

HPE InfoSight Predictive Analytics

HPE InfoSight is a cloud-based AI platform built on a new approach to data collection and analysis; it predicts and automates resolution to problems and is continuously remembering processes to make HPE storage hardware smarter and more reliable.

Storage networking has always been a bottleneck in IT systems--especially in recent years with so much more data being created by mobile devices.

InfoSight offers HPE 3PAR customers a predictive analytics framework to anticipate and prevent such issues across the infrastructure stack. Users can benefit from InfoSight’s capabilities to predict problems and automate resolution, the company said, in addition to the cross-stack analytics already made available to HPE 3PAR customers. These cross-stack functions provide IT the ability to resolve performance problems and pinpoint the root cause of issues between the storage and host virtual machines.

Since releasing these capabilities, InfoSight already has predicted and auto-resolved 85 percent of more than 1,500 complex, priority cases across the HPE 3PAR installed base, the company said.

Enhanced integration with any automation framework for HPE 3PAR provides operational efficiency with self-service storage. Enterprises need to develop both mainstream, mission-critical applications and newer, cloud-native applications on the same infrastructure in order to scale and save costs due to multiple storage systems.

DevOps-Friendly Platform

HPE 3PAR is a DevOps and container-friendly platform, allowing users to run both mainstream and containerized applications on the same enterprise-grade infrastructure. 

In other news July 24, HPE announced:

  • New toolsets to automate and manage HPE 3PAR for the cloud, DevOps, virtualization and container environments. In addition to existing integration with Docker and Mesosphere DC/OS, HPE 3PAR now works with Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to offer best-in-class automation and integration with the leading container platforms.
  • A new plug-in for VMware vRealize Orchestrator, which empowers users with self-service storage automation through pre-built workflows to quickly deploy, and streamline storage management.
  • Enhanced native infrastructure management toolchains to empower DevOps teams to be more agile. New pre-built blueprints for configuration management tools available for HPE 3PAR users--Chef, Puppet and Ansible, as well as language software development kits in Ruby and Python--enable DevOps teams to automate storage functions in native programming languages for faster application deliveries.

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