i365 Launches EVault Cloud Data Recovery Package for PCs

EVault Endpoint Protection automates the chore of PC backup and recovery in as many enterprise machines as needed.

Seagate's i365 storage division April 12 launched a new cloud-based backup/recovery and data security service designed for laptop and desktop PCs.

EVault Endpoint Protection automates the chore of PC backup and recovery in as many enterprise machines as needed. It also helps control the spread of sensitive data to the outside or throughout a mobile workforce using security features that include local file encryption, remote data deletion, port access control and device tracing-if a laptop is lost or stolen.

Laptops have always endured a high risk of loss or theft. The Ponemon Institute famously claimed in 2008, in a study commissioned by Dell, that about 12,000 laptops are lost every week in U.S. airports-two-thirds of which are never recovered.

While that 12K number has been disputed since then, there is still no question that laptops loaded with valuable personal and business information disappear all the time, and that endpoint security is now a de facto corporate necessity.

The new i365 EVault package allows mobile device managers to lock down data on every PC and laptop the company deems necessary. Files are automatically loaded on the i365 cloud backup system as they are saved; if a file accidentally gets deleted, it can easily be recovered by users, i365 President and General Manager Terry Cunningham told eWEEK.

"This is about the technology sitting on the laptop, and it's backing up and providing a self-service restore capability [behind the scenes]," Cunningham said. "So not only does it back everything up, you can recover a file if you delete it-all without calling IT."

All the files are locally and globally deduplicated, Cunningham said.

"Locally, it won't transfer [to the cloud], say, five copies of the same PowerPoint deck. Globally, it will take only one copy of, say, the same sales presentation that every sales guy has. So it's saving bandwidth, even on that," Cunningham said.

EVault also has Web-based and policy-based central administration, Cunningham said.

Besides the cloud backup for business continuity purposes, other features include remote data deletion, which permanently "shreds" sensitive information if a laptop has been lost or stolen (on command or by policy); continuous backups that don't disrupt users; and local availability of backups, which ensures that, even when a laptop user is disconnected, EVault EP keeps working until the connectivity is restored.

i365 EVault EP is managed by i365 and backed up to the EVault Cloud. EVault supplies data protection software, appliances, SAAS (software as a service) and managed services to more than 32,000 SMBs and enterprises, Cunningham said.

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