IBM Launches New Storage Systems

At an event in New York, IBM announced a range of new storage systems, including the Storwize V7000 that brings high-end features to midrange systems.

NEW YORK-IBM announced a series of new storage systems aimed at helping customers, particularly midrange customers, speed the delivery of data for new workloads that arise with the continued explosion of data as the world becomes more and more instrumented.

At an event at the posh Plaza Hotel here, IBM unveiled its set of new storage systems that are optimized for workloads such as transaction processing and real-time analytics, reflecting the company's $6 billion annual investment in research and development, said Rod Adkins, senior vice president of the IBM Systems and Technology Group.

A standout among the new products announced is a midrange disk storage system, called the IBM Storwize V7000, designed to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the torrent of data flowing into companies so it can be swiftly delivered for such workloads as transaction processing-like the growing volume of transactions completed from the Web and mobile and embedded devices, said Brian Truskowski, general manager of system storage and networking at IBM.

The IBM Storwize V7000 system can help simplify administrative tasks such as setup and management, IBM officials said. And the new system can reduce storage rack space by up to 67 percent when compared with competitive offerings, allowing room for clients' future growth. It also includes a highly integrated set of advanced software for storage efficiency that frees clients from buying piece parts or making trade-offs between price and capability.

"We're at an interesting inflection point in our industry where data is changing the game," Adkins said. "What's required is continued innovation. With this growth in data we will continue to deliver leadership capabilities in analytics, security, compression, deduplication and archiving. Our investment model will continue to focus around those activities."

Adkins called the Storwize V700 a "breakthrough midrange product." He added, "We integrated virtualization, and you can pool your storage resources, and not just IBM storage resources, but any storage resources."

Truskowski said there has been a "feature gap in midrange storage," in that midrange storage systems "tend to struggle to scale." However, the V7000 does not have that problem, as it is a modular system that is designed to grow as a customer's needs grow.

"The first thing to note about the V7000 is the modularity of the system and the ability to grow as you grow," Truskowski said. "You can add up to nine enclosures and scale up to 240 drives. And the second thing you notice about the V7000 is its ease of use."