Imation Introduces RDX Media Secure With CyberSafe Security

Imation's data storage platform, aimed at SMBs, includes a host of advanced security and encryption features.

Storage and data security specialist Imation announced the release of RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Security Technology, featuring built-in encryption and cryptographic erase capability. RDX is a disk-based storage format meant to replace tape storage; it consists of portable disk cartridges and an RDX dock. RDX Media security is aimed at small and midsize businesses that require portable data storage requirements and a high level of data security.

RDX Media Secure is powered by the company€™s CyberSafe Pro Technology, a security architecture that integrates a combination of encryption, identity and authentication, key management solutions and unified security policies into storage solutions. Available through Imation's network of channel partners in three capacities, 1TB, 500GB and 320GB, the platform is expected to be priced at $50 more than traditional RDX media at each capacity.

"The growth of digital content in companies is exploding and the SMBs' modernization of IT is helping to fuel this boom. However, they need a way to manage data securely, ensure regulatory compliance and protect data in case of disaster recovery€”all at a reasonable cost. They are also looking for practical ways to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing but concerned about the barriers to adoption," Deni Connor, founding analyst of Storage Strategies Now, said it a prepared statement. "Imation's RDX Media Secure with CyberSafe Pro Security Technology combines a reliable, high-capacity hard-disk storage with built-in security features to help eliminate some of these barriers, including time requirements and security concerns of transfer and recovery."

Other security features include AES-256 and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1 validated encryption, and cryptographic erase, which erases the encryption key, rendering data stored on the cartridge unintelligible, as well as enabling secure disposal and repurposing. The cartridges are also shock-resistant to ensure data is safe during transport.

"Small and midsized businesses rely on to deliver a reliable, secure and cost-effective tiered storage infrastructure, featuring best-of-breed media, software and backup and archiving appliances," Martin Suzman, vice president of operations at, said in a prepared statement. "Adding secure, encrypted RDX media from Imation to our portfolio, we enable our customers to leverage cloud storage by eliminating significant barriers to adoption€”time requirements and security concerns of transfer and recovery."