Intronis Updates Backup, Recovery Platform

Key features within the Intronis ECHOplatform include Hyper-V rapid recovery, which enables channel partners to better support hybrid IT environments.

intronis and backup

Backup and data protection solutions for the IT channel specialist Intronis announced the Winter Release '15 of its ECHOplatform, which offers channel partners a variety of recovery options, including being able to recover an entire virtual machine or server, or restoring the data by copying the files through the portal of any hyper-V or image backup without mounting the image.

The Intronis Winter Release '15 introduces several business-building features and core functionalities designed to help channel partners better support more complex cloud, virtualized and physical IT environments.

"Our partners require near-instantaneous local availability. They also require a choice as to what they recover. We offer the capability of recovering just a single file, pulled from an image, or the entire virtual machine or server itself," Chuck DeLouis, vice president of product management for Intronis, told eWeek. "Our partners serve a wide variety of business sizes and segments. Over the years, they've had to deploy and manage multiple platforms to satisfy their clients' data protection requirements."

DeLouis said Intronis talks to service providers every day who are looking for a way to meet all these varied requirements with a single, easy-to-use service platform.

Key features within the Intronis ECHOplatform include Hyper-V rapid recovery, which enables channel partners to better support hybrid IT environments by offering Hyper-V environment recovery from local image-based storage, and imaging rapid recovery, which supports and simplifies recovery for physical server environments from local image-based storage, using a combination of advanced algorithms, native data formats and reverse incremental backup techniques.

"Economics always wins, whether it’s for cloud usage or virtualization. But while these technologies can save money and add agility, they often bring unforeseen complexities, as well," DeLouis said. "With the current pace of innovation, we all want to be disruptors, but at the same time we're all vulnerable to disruptions. Cloud and virtualization technologies let businesses deploy and run many more applications and business processes than they ever could before."

DeLouis said they can deploy faster and change up operations virtually on the fly, but every one of these VMs need to be backed up the same as if they were running on physical servers.

"For a lot of businesses running virtual and in the cloud, the stakes are even greater than before," DeLouis said.

Other features include object-level restore, which allows channel partners to retrieve specific files, folders, and databases from physical and virtual local image-based backups, and a platform that is VMware 6.0 ready, which ensures channel partners will be able to provide native backup for the upcoming release of the hypervisor platform.

Built exclusively for use by channel partners, the ECHOplatform sells for a fixed monthly cost, and securely protects physical and virtual data with native support for physical imaging, VMware, Hyper-V, Exchange, and SQL, all through a re-brandable central management console that integrates with remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) tools.