Iomega UltraMax Hard Drive Courts Mac Pros

The Iomega UltraMax Hard Drive tries to exorcise the last few specters haunting this hard-drive maker. For professional Mac users, the UltraMax is an easy fit. (

Its clear at a glance that Iomega designed its UltraMax 640GB hard drive ($340 direct) with the Mac professional market in mind.

The UltraMaxs distinctive silver case and "cheese grater" front panel are compatible in appearance with professional-model Macs. (These include the Apple Mac Pro, the MacBook Pro, the Power Mac G5, and the PowerBook G4.)

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Though the UltraMax can also service a Microsoft Windows PC, it has the three interfaces (USB, FireWire 400 and FireWire 800) found on these Macs.

The drive has a decent dollar-per-gigabyte ratio, as well as speedy RAID 0 or safe RAID 1 settings, so it is suitable for the demanding multimedia user on a budget.

The UltraMax is a big step in the right direction for a hard drive maker thats had its share of missteps (think Iomega Jaz, Zip disks, and the Iomega ScreenPlay). For that and much more, it earns our nod for Editors Choice.

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