Iomega Unveils 2TB SMB Storage Appliance for $700

New StorCenter ix4-200d comes in 2TB, 4 TB ($900) and 8TB ($1,900) versions. In addition to NAS mode, StorCenter ix4-200d also can run as an [Apple] Time Machine and iSCSI target -- simultaneously.

SAN FRANCISCO -- At VMworld 2009, Iomega demonstrated publicly for the first time on Aug. 31 a new four-drive, network-attached storage appliance for small businesses, remote offices and home networks.
The starting price for 2 terabytes of capacity in the standalone StorCenter ix4-200d? Around $700. For a whopping 8TBs? About $1,900.
In addition to NAS mode, StorCenter ix4-200d also can run as an [Apple] Time Machine and iSCSI target simultaneously, Mark Tanguay, Iomega's worldwide manager of network solutions, told eWEEK.
"In a NAS mode, it can get up and running in less than five minutes [using a wizard-based installer] to be used as an always-on file sharing and backup target," Tanguay said. "For Time Machine, we're seeing a lot more mixed Mac and PC environments, so we're really trying to be the cross-platform storage device for small business."
Iomega's StorCenter ix4-200d uses the trickle-down benefits of parent company EMC's enterprise storage technology, Tanguay said.
StorCenter ix4-200d provides data backup and protection for any number of desktops and laptops using parent company EMC's Retrospect backup software. During the setup process, users choose files and folders for scheduled automatic backups. After that, any changes or additions are updated and saved automatically, Tanguay said.
The ix4-200d also comes with Iomega QuikProtect backup software for scheduled file-level backup of data to hard drives and other network-attached storage devices, Tanguay said.
For data security, the ix4-200d uses RSA BSAFE encryption for protecting installs and upgrades from viruses or malware. RSA, of course, is the security division of EMC.
Other features include: iSCSI block-level access for efficient storage utilization; device-to-device replication to network targets for business continuity and file recovery; multiple RAID configurations; Windows Active Directory support; remote access and management; IP security camera support; and a new front panel LCD and QuikTransfer button for fast copying of selected files.
The StorCenter ix4-200d is now available to IT resellers worldwide via Iomega's distribution channels. The 2TB version is priced at $699.99, the 4TB model is $899.99, and the 8TB model is $1,899.99.
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