iQstor Targets SMB Apps with New SATA-II Platform

The iQ2280 4G bps Fibre Channel-serial ATA II storage system is expected to ship by mid-February.

Pumping greater performance into its intelligent RAID controller, iQstor Networks Inc. on Monday will unveil its new iQ2280 4G bps Fibre Channel-serial ATA II storage system. The product will ship within 30 days.

Targeted at applications being run by the high-end of SMB (small to midsize business) customers, the iQ2280 storage platform is housed in a 19-inch 3U rack mountable enclosure and features 4 x 4G bps host ports, and can support up to 15 SATA II disk drives that provide 7.5TB of storage capacity using 500GB drives.

A step up from the companys iQ1200 2GB FC to SATA I offering, the iQ2280 is equipped with dual active-active storage controllers providing transparent failover, 4 host ports, as well as RAID levels 0, 1, 1+0, 4, 5, 50, and 6 protection, said Albert Saraie, director of marketing for Newbury Park, Calif.-based iQstor.

Each controller has standard 512MB of cache and can venture up to 2GB of cache.

The iQ2280 comes wrapped with data services firmware with capabilities such as snapshot, mirroring, storage provisioning, automated capacity growth, database agents, and remote replication embedded directly into the RAID controller.

Pricing for the iQ2280 storage platform starts from $6,400 with 1TB of storage, embedded volume manager-based virtualization, and System Manager.


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