Iron Mountain Digital Boosts Capabilities of LiveVault Cloud Backup

LiveVault 7.0, a server and storage array protector, scales out to cover more data and files than previous versions, up to 7TB per server or array.

Iron Mountain Digital has released a version of its cloud-based LiveVault server and storage array protector for midsize companies that scales out to cover more data and files than previous iterations.
LiveVault 7.0, announced May 25, also comes with built-in data deduplication, proactive administration and monitoring. It now can protect up to 7TB of data per server or array; the previous version could handle up to 50,000 files per directory, or about 3TB, Iron Mountain said.
Through the cloud-based service, Iron Mountain not only handles the storage and protection of customer data but also all the management and record-keeping processes, the company said.
"People are moving away in large numbers from tape backup," Iron Mountain Digital Chief Marketing Officer T.M. Ravi told eWEEK. "The wisdom is that they are moving to disk, whether it's traditional VTL [virtual tape library] disk or dedupe disk.
"But what you're also seeing is that many customers are skipping disk and going to the ultimate place they want to be, which is in the cloud. This is because they see disk-based backup as a sort of stop-gap solution."
For a starter deployment, "customers can use a LiveVault data shuttle service to transfer multiterabytes of data quickly and securely to Iron Mountain's underground data centers," the company's announcement said. "In the event of disaster recovery or large data restores, the service allows customers to restore server data at Iron Mountain's data center and have it shipped to them potentially before their electricity or Internet services are even available."
In addition to enabling users to protect 7TB of data per server or array, LiveVault 7.0 lets customers "restore data fast through the TurboRestore on-site appliance," a separate product. "LiveVault 7.0 also includes enhanced vulnerability management and threat detection programs to safeguard customer information," the company said.
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