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IT Stocking Stuffers

Lots of stores offer tattoos for computers, but theyre just glue-on stickers and skins compared with Adafruit Industries laser etching services. This was taken from an EPS file and run through the machine. It looks great (as it shou

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IT Stocking Stuffers - Beam Me Up, Scotty

This is the Star Trek 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Captain Kirk in Chair figure, priced at about $25. The first-generation Star Trek is always in style and it would make a fine paperweight or conversation piece for your desk.

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IT Stocking Stuffers - The Phaser\s Not Loaded

Like the Kirk figurine, this Star Trek 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Phaser collectable will make a fine addition to your desk. The handle is real brass, the advert copy tells us.

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IT Stocking Stuffers - Granite Digital USB 2.0 High-Speed Bridge Adapter

This little plastic dongle lets you connect 2.5-, 3.5- and 5.25-inch IDE or SATA to your system over a USB 2.0 port. Plug the drive in and youre ready to start moving files. The $39.95 price tag is nice too.

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IT Stocking Stuffers - WiebeTech Forensic ComboDock v4

This device lets you copy files and an entire drive image and leave no traces. You connect the Forensic ComboDock to a suspect IDE or SATA drive and then copy the image over USB 2 or FireWire. The cost isnt so cheap, however, with th

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IT Stocking Stuffers - WiebeTech Forensic RedPort Cards

Want to do the same write-protected look-see on Fibre Channel and SCSI mechanisms? WiebeTech recently released a set of PCIe boards that can address forensic needs of enterprise-level storage.

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IT Stocking Stuffers - Pelican M8 8020 Recoil LED

Flashlights are a good thing and LED models are even better. This image shows the recoil technology used in the Pelican M8. The bulb faces the person holding the flashlight and the light is bounced forward with a parabolic mirror. I

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IT Stocking Stuffers - Lumatec Industries TwinBeamz

Two heads and perhaps lights are better than one. This flashlight can be hung around your neck or on a rack when more light is needed on the hardware.

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IT Stocking Stuffers - Violet Nabaztag Robot

Its no Pet Rock. This little wireless device sits on a desk and can speak the text of various data feeds or alert you if you have e-mail in your inbox. And it can wiggle its ears and light up. Even better, you can program it. Soon, y

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