J.D. Edwards Module Forecasts Demand

J.D. Edwards' new Web-based Demand Consensus application brings planners, sales, operations, customers and suppliers together in a conference-room like setting.

J.D. Edwards & Co. announced today the availability of a new product demand forecasting module for its Advanced Planning 4.0 suite.

The Demand Consensus module provides users of the companys Advanced Planning, OneWorld and WorldSoftware suites with flexible, collaborative forecasting capabilities that enable them to design supply chain production schedules in fluid demand environments, according to J.D. Edwards officials.

A Web-based application, Demand Consensus brings planners, sales, operations, customers and suppliers together in a conference-room like setting.

Outside partners and customers need only a connection to the Internet to use the modules self-service format, which allows them to input or view forecasts.

The new module adds forward-looking information to the traditional historical forecasting process. Users can quickly gather forecasts from disparate locations, which are gathered in real-time, asynchronously, or offline. Users have the option of looking at various forecasts – either individually or collectively – at any time in the process.

Customers and partners, for their part, can view their own data, make changes and collaborate with suppliers on any differences.

Once forecasting data has been received from all parties, a logic engine weights the inputs based on the historical accuracy of the forecaster. In other words, information from forecasters who have provided more accurate data can be weighted more heavily than data from those with less accurate information.

Likewise, exception-based logic also flags large discrepancies from the norm and sends alerts to planners.

Architected for those industries like high tech/electronics and industrial fabrication that frequently adjust their production schedules, the Demand Consensus module also takes into account statistical forecast data from other JDE applications through links to Demand Planning, OneWorld and WorldSoftware offerings.

Later this spring Denver-based JDE plans to integrate the Demand Consensus module with its Planning module, according to officials. Integration to JDEs customer relationship management product is planned for early summer that will combine Demand Consensus and Sales Force Automation, according to officials.