KineticD Offers KineticSeed Data Backup Platform

KineticSeed is encrypted with Blowfish 448 bank-grade encryption, which helps eliminate the risk of data being compromised during shipping.

Cloud backup and data recovery services specialist KineticD, announced KineticSeed, which provides small and midsize businesses (SMBs) with the ability to back up large amounts of data from a USB or external drive and send it securely to KineticD€™s certified data center for protection. KineticSeed customers can remotely back up an unlimited number of servers agentlessly via the network to a USB or external drive, the company said.

Additionally, KineticSeed is encrypted with Blowfish 448 bank-grade encryption, which helps eliminate the risk of data being compromised during shipping. After KineticD receives and uploads the data, only incremental backup blocks will be sent over the Internet, and the same technology can also be used for data recovery in the event of an emergency or disaster. For a limited time, the company is offering this service with no minimum data commitment or data limit for free to its KineticCloud for Server customers and partners.

Foresight Computers & Networking, a provider of network, server support and integration services, recently completed an initial install for one of its clients. The install required a cloud backup of several hundred gigabytes of data from various sources, including a Windows file server, Linux based Samba server and an MS SQL server. Using KineticSeed, Foresight was able to create a seed data set over just a few days.

The initial data set was more than 600GB. However, after applying the de-duplication and compression features of KineticCloud Backup, the final seed consumed only 220GB on disk. To transfer this data via the Internet would have taken several weeks, crippling the business by causing congestion on the live Internet connection, said Tim Beyea, president of Foresight.

€œAs a provider of services to various government and private entities across the Deep South, it is imperative that our clients be prepared for anything. This offering gives us the perfect product for our clients who need to know that their data is safe, secure and accessible from anywhere should the need arise,€ Beyea said. €œDue to the architecture of KineticSeed, it is suitable for backups of all sizes and can dovetail into most environments seamlessly.€

Earlier this month, the company announced its KineticCloud Backup Suite for SMBs and partners. The platform offers online backup technology designed to protect the SMB environment and ensure optimized data protection for PCs, Macs, servers and databases. KineticCloud automates administrative tasks by simplifying the management of backup software and schedules across systems and business locations. Features include schedule-based file backup for PCs, Macs and mobile users on laptops and continuous backup for servers supporting a combination of retention policies, including native backup of mapped drives, network attached drives, Windows System State, MS Exchange, SQL and Hyper-V and agentless backup of multiple systems from one server.