Kroll Ontrack Updates Data Recovery Package for Oracle DBs

Ontrack Data Recovery is a do-it-yourself service package that also works in fast-growing virtual environments.

Cleaning up and reorganizing after a small database blows up is tough enough, but when an Oracle or other large enterprise deployment breaks, many an administrator has found it necessary to call in the reserves for help.

Kroll Ontrack has come up with its own approach to the problem of data loss. The Minneapolis-based storage and security software provider on April 12 made available an updated version of its Ontrack Data Recovery service specifically for Oracle systems.

Ontrack Data Recovery is a do-it-yourself service package that also works in fast-growing virtual environments, Kroll said. Data recovery projects can get complicated when databases are hosted inside virtual machines or in the cloud, and the interconnections aren't nearly the same as when they reside inside the actual data center.

Data loss instances are most often caused by human error, but as any DB admin knows, they can include anything from hardware failures to internal database corruptions and deleted database entries.

Ontrack Data Recovery is designed to improve the success rate of recoveries from the following problems:

  • Corrupt Oracle databases and logs. Kroll Ontrack supports most data types and Oracle databases currently in use today, including versions 8, 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g running on both x86 and Solaris platforms.
  • Damaged Automatic Storage Management (ASM) file systems. Kroll Ontrack can recover Oracle data that is stored on ASM disk groups, including cases where ASM volume structures have been damaged or overwritten.
  • Missing or deleted databases. Ontrack Data Recovery specialists can recover Oracle database files that have been deleted or are missing, even if the metadata has been overwritten.
Chris Preimesberger

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