Lakeview, OuterBay Forge Data Management Tools

Lakeview Technology and OuterBay Technologies are readying technologies to juggle data replication and management.

Lakeview Technology Inc. and OuterBay Technologies are each readying technologies to juggle data replication and management while retaining real-time access to the data.

Lakeview, of Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., next month will roll out OmniReplicator 4.0, a major update to its data replication software that reflects an important architecture overhaul with the introduction of Java and multithreading.

The new architecture provides enhanced resource allocation and system resource conservation and features less polling of tables or other data structures to determine if work needs to be performed. According to Lakeview, the result is performance that is 3 to 10 times faster than in the previous iteration.

OmniReplicator 4.0 features a new synchronization capability that combines the tools previous Copy and change-based Replication features. The synchronization feature takes a snapshot of database tables while capturing ongoing data changes. It then applies the changes automatically.

For its part, OuterBay last week announced it will team with NEC Solutions America Inc. to better help PeopleSoft Inc. customers access data. OuterBays Application Data Management Suite will allow enterprises to relocate inactive PeopleSoft data to less expensive storage classes while retaining connected, real-time access to that data, said company officials, in Campbell, Calif.

Stringent data retention requirements, worldwide system consolidations and software upgrades are leading to massive increases in data growth that affect systems performance. PeopleSoft upgrades, in particular, are challenging, OuterBay officials said, and result in long outages and significant increases in database size.

By slashing data growth rates, other resources can be freed, including network capacity, server processing bandwidth, storage capacity and IT personnel, OuterBay officials said.