LiveOffice Offers Sale on E-Mail Compliance Package

For the month of December, the company offers a discount per e-mail account on a special package that aids companies in organizing, storing and retrieving e-mail and IM messages.

Message archiving and compliance provider LiveOffice revealed Dec. 1 that it will offer what is in effect "sale pricing" through Dec. 29 for its e-mail compliance package to organizations preparing for the new amendments to the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure), which go into effect Dec. 1.

The new amendments apply to any organization—commercial or nonprofit—that has the potential to be involved in litigation in the U.S. Federal Court System.

They require that companies be prepared for electronic discovery requests by knowing where their electronic message data is stored and ensuring that an effective method in place for retrieving it.

LiveOffice, based in Torrance, Calif., makes archiving and discovery software—and also operates a Web-based managed service—that aggregates all inbound, outbound, internal messages and attachments from an organizations e-mail or IM systems into a searchable database.

LiveOffices flagship mailbox management and business continuity product, AdvisorMail, is aimed at the financial services market.

The systems e-discovery capabilities help companies comply with SEC, NASD, NYSE, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley and FRCP requirements related to the proper handling of e-mail or IM (AOL, Yahoo, MSN and Bloomberg) communications. It is a scalable solution that can be deployed in companies with one e-mail account or implemented enterprise-wide, a company spokesperson said.

Pricing for LiveOffices archiving and discovery software service starts at $8 per e-mail account per month and includes unlimited storage capacity.

The special pricing is available from now until Dec. 29, the spokesperson said, and will remain the cost for the length of the contract.

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After Dec. 29, the pricing reverts to $10 per e-mail account per month. There is a setup charge to be determined, depending upon each companys email configuration, the spokesperson said.

When it comes to deploying an effective message archiving system and plan, two of the biggest issues that companies face are mailbox management and business continuity, said Michael Osterman, principal of Osterman Research in Black Diamond, Wash.

"The good news is that leading archiving vendors such as LiveOffice are tailoring their product enhancement roadmaps to meet these challenges and working together with companies to make sure their message management needs are met in all areas," Osterman told eWEEK.

Specific features, as listed by the company, include:

  • Easy Implementation — Having completed more than 1,000 system implementations, LiveOffices archiving solution enables organizations to automatically capture, archive and index all emails, e-mail attachments and instant messages. The systems intuitive, Web-based interface lets administrators access, search (by keyword, phrase, sender or recipient) and retrieve e-mails at any time using any Internet-connected PC. All messages are stored in a highly redundant environment, equipped with security controls to authenticate e-mail, prevent tampering and monitor access, the spokesperson said.
  • Managed Service — LiveOffices archiving and discovery solution requires no additional hardware or software at the client site and is compatible with leading SMTP e-mail systems, including MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.

    The system is available in two configurations, one for companies with an existing in-house mail server and one for companies that prefer to have their e-mails hosted through LiveOffice.

    With either configuration, organizations can be up and running with LiveOffices archiving and discovery solution in as little as seven business days, the spokesperson said.

  • Data Requests — LiveOffice offers several options for fulfilling e-discovery requests. System administrators have the ability to perform their own searches based on keywords, phrases, sender or recipient and burn the downloaded data to a non-rewritable DVD on their own PC.

    For large searches, users simply submit a search and extract request to LiveOffice and receive the extracted data on a non-rewritable DVD within two business days of the initial request.

    LiveOffice also provides companies with the option to upload historic e-mail into the system so that all critical messages can be securely stored and easily searched, regardless of their original sent or received date, the spokesperson said.

  • Advanced Options — LiveOffice offers a variety of advanced options that can be added to its archiving and discovery solution, including anti-spam and virus protection as well as encryption via Secure Computings Iron Mail appliance, the spokesperson said.

In addition, LiveOffices Mail Recovery feature provides organizations with uninterrupted access to their e-mail in the event of a natural or unplanned disaster.

This e-mail continuity service reduces the risk and expense of lost e-mail data, ensuring that organizations have continuous access to their e-mail messages and are able to conduct business as usual while access to their in-house mail server is being restored, the spokesperson said.

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