M-Systems Debuts Svelte SCSI

M-Systems' 3.5-inch fast flash Disk ultranarrow SCSI disk is a robust, rugged storage option.

M-Systems 3.5-inch fast flash Disk ultranarrow SCSI disk is a robust, rugged storage option aimed at embedded systems and high-performance desktops.

The solid-state FFD, available now for $700, doesnt have moving parts. An FFD drive stores data in nonvolatile flash memory using the technology M-Systems developed for its line of Disk-on-Chip storage products.

M-Systems also sells solid-state flash disks ranging in capacity from 512MB to 34GB, at prices ranging up to $18,000 for the 34GB drive. FFD drives with IDE interfaces are available.

I installed the FFD on a PC running Windows XP with an Adaptec SCSI PCI card installed. The process was as simple as putting any SCSI hard drive into a system.

I used the Iometer benchmark tool to test file transfer performance. Using 100 percent sequential read of 512KB block size, the FFD delivered more than 11MB per second.

The FFD extended drive can operate in extreme environments that would kill most standard ATA and SCSI drives. The extended drive has an operating temperature range of minus-40 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees centigrade, at up to 95 percent humidity, and can handle vibrations of more than 16 gs.

The FFD has an MTBF rating of more than 970,000 hours. M-Systems provides built-in reliability features, including self-diagnostics and bad-block mapping to ensure data integrity.

For more information, go to www.m-sys.com.