Mac OS X Backup Tools That Every Apple User Needs

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Mac OS X Backup Tools That Every Apple User Needs

by P. J. Connolly

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Time Machine

Baked into Apple's Mac OS X, Time Machine offers a unique interface and the ability to roll back the system state by days or weeks at the click of a mouse.

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Carbon Copy Cloner 3.3.3

It's simple and free, and it's the tool of choice in the eWEEK Labs for cloning Mac OS X disk images.

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D??«j Vu 3.6

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to back up Mac OS X systems across a network, D??«j??í Vu lets you try before you buy.

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Most backup tools replace Mac OS X Time Machine, but SuperDuper actually complements Time Machine and allows the Time Machine device to host a bootable volume as well as a Time Machine volume.

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Retrospect 8 for Mac

Retrospect has been the gold standard for Mac system backup for years, and under EMC's ownership it received a major technology overhaul; it remains to be seen how the product fares under its new owners.

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Atempo Time Navigator

Time Navigator offers backup and restore features for a wide range of platforms, and modules that permit direct backup to a SAN.

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BRU—Backup and Restore Utility

BRU runs on a wide range of platforms, including IRIX, Solaris and others; the same backup format is used in all BRU products on all supported platforms.

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BakBone NetVault

NetVault's BakBone lineup includes tools for archiving and recovery to bare metal, as well as the usual run of disk- and tape-based methods.

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager supports a vast range of applications, platforms and scenarios, and focuses on high-efficiency methods that reduce the impact of backup operations on production systems.

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Archiware PresStore 4

PresStore allows administrators to clone backups for an extra layer of off-site data storage; backups that are interrupted can be used as part of a restore process.

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Amanda Enterprise 3.1

Amanda's backup tools go beyond disk and tape, and now support backup to Amazon's S3 cloud.

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