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Get Your Cut of Wireless The situation is no less complicated when it comes to integrating a wireless system into a large corporation that has built up frequently incompatible departmental infrastructures over the years. The wireless voice market has gotten so commoditized that companies like Ericsson have abandoned even making cellular phones. However, theres plenty of money to be made in providing a wireless data infrastructure and integrating that with a corporations back end.

That is why companies like Air2Web are so busy beating the bushes for integration partners. The wireless infrastructure company, and dozens more like it, cant get a toehold in the market without front-end to back-end integration skills.

"The main effort under way right now is to align ourselves with credible partners," says Patrick King, VP of channel development and alliances at Air2Web in Atlanta. "Its a critical time for a large number of business partners. Cash is tight, product margins are down and theres a transition of technology which is causing them to adjust their business models."

King says his companys training classes are filled to capacity, and so far most companies havent even started running mission-critical applications over wireless. That likewise translates into opportunity for the telcos, which are neck-deep in providing wireless services. And now that data is starting to flow, that stream should only get richer for the telcos and their partners.