Managing Disk Fragmentation

Join our eSeminar to learn how you can mitigate the effect of fragmentation.

Managers are concerned about the reliability of their data storage, but that worry usually focuses on the physical status of drives or from outside security alerts. However, the everyday usage of your computer can result in fragmentation of files, which can compromise the integrity of your data and result in slow performance. This eSeminar takes a look at the problem from a technological and administrative vantage point, and more to the point, what you can do to mitigate the effect of fragmentation.

Join this eSeminar on Tuesday, Dec. 2, to discuss:
  • The effects of disk fragmentation on your systems functionality and reliability
  • Usage plans that can be put in place to avoid frequent occurrences of fragmentation
  • Backup plans to avoid loss of full documents should you experience severe fragmentation
  • A review of disk fragmentation software:
  • Which programs will work best for your computer needs
  • Which programs handle large files and graphics better
  • New programs available that make defragging your computer faster and easier
Featured Speakers:
  • Bradley R. Bruhahn , - Sandpiper Data Systems
  • Loyd Case , Senior Technology Analyst, ExtremeTech - Ziff Davis Media
  • Carmine Gallo , eSeminar Host - Ziff Davis Media
  • David Morgenstern , Editor, Storage Center, - Ziff Davis Media
  • Howard Butler , Senior Technical Engineer - Executive Software International, Inc.

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