NeoScale, Fujitsu Team on Secure Tape Backup

The CryptoStor tape appliance will be included in Fujitsu's new storage security package.

Data storage security provider NeoScale Systems on Dec. 18 revealed its first OEM deal, agreeing to ship its CryptoStor tape appliance as part of a new bundled security package available through Fujitsu.

The CryptoStor tape storage security appliance is deployed on a Fibre Channel storage network. It compresses, encrypts and cryptographically authenticates data stored on tape media.

CryptoStor appliances transparently integrate with the backup applications on Fujitsu servers and require no server agents or encryption overhead, said a spokesperson for NeoScale, based in Milpitas, Calif.

The appliances AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption ensures privacy of the tape content and uses a tiered approach to global key management so that information can always be reliably restored, the spokesperson said.

Fujitsu will offer NeoScales CryptoStor tape appliance to deliver secure backup solutions in Japan for the Fujitsu Eternus LT tape libraries. The bundled package will assist customers in complying with recently enacted privacy initiatives such as Japans Personal Information Protection Act, the company said.

According to the spokesperson, Fujitsu performed extensive testing, evaluation and competitive product comparisons before selecting the CryptoStor tape appliance.

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The new NeoScale tape security solution allows Fujitsu to offer customers a one-of-a-kind solution that meets their unique security challenges, said Hitoshi Matsushima, senior vice president of the storage systems unit at Fujitsu, headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan.

"With a readily deployable bundled security solution, Fujitsu and NeoScales combined technology expertise gives our Eternus tape library enterprise and midrange customers the confidence to know that their business critical data is secure and protected on their backup tapes," Matsushima said.

The bundle will usually be able to meet the unique needs of a customers backup and archival application environment, the spokesperson said. Open-systems customers with existing Fibre Channel environments can secure tape backups on Eternus LT Series tape libraries using the CryptoStor tape appliances.

Customers requiring a packaged archive solution can deploy an Eternus SP5000 Series network storage server. Eternus disk arrays and LT tape libraries along with a CryptoStor Tape appliance enable secure archiving of networked storage, the spokesperson said.

"CryptoStor storage security appliances enforce data privacy by automating the encryption of data as its stored on tape drives," said Bill Lozoff, managing director of Asia Pacific sales for NeoScale Systems.

The Fujitsu security bundle for open systems is available now in Japan. The companies did not disclose if the storage package would be marketed elsewhere.

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