Network Appliance Looks to Improve Data Management

To improve data management for enterprises, Network Appliance has launched three NetApp Information Server 1200 platforms.

Network Appliance announced Dec. 4 the release of three NetApp Information Server 1200 platforms: the IS1200-FRM (File Reporting and Migration), the IS1200-SA (Search Appliance) and the IS1200-ECS (Enterprise Content Services).

The three information server platforms, designed for enterprises, will allow businesses to meet customer challenges by reducing compliance risks as well as storage and data-management costs. The platforms also give enterprises the ability to search through hefty storage areas to help customers find what they are looking for.

The IS1200 platforms will offer businesses data management processes to create policies aligned with the business value of data while also giving users control over their unstructured data, as well as the ability to policy-base search, move, delete and copy operations across an enterprise network.

"Customer data classification, migration, and discovery needs have evolved, as this is the first family of products that address the requirement for full visibility into content to tackle related compliance and archiving needs," Patrick Rogers, vice president of products and alliances for the Sunnyvale, Calif., company, said in a release.

The IS1200-FRM will offer businesses reports that are designed to analyze file data and enable an automated, tiered storage architecture, as users will be able to act on data based on file attributes and migrate files to the most suitable storage.

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The second new platform from Network Appliance, the IS1200-SA, will allow users to file index, search and restore individual files from backup systems while also having the ability to reduce the time and cost through a quick search option.

The IS1200-ECS will enable users to preserve data privacy and will offer full content-aware classification, search, migration and compliance capabilities. Users will be able to combine this platform with NetApp Retention Manager software to integrate with NetApp SnapLock and keep stored compliance data unchangeable.

"Our file reporting, data classification, migration, search and compliance solutions holistically help customers control the complexity, cost and company risk related to unstructured data," Rogers said.

The new IS1200 platforms will be available in the United States in December 2006.

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