Nexenta Unveils Big Data Storage System for OpenStack

NexentaEdge is a high-performance manager of petabyte-scale repositories that runs on so-called "shared-nothing" clusters of commodity Linux servers.

Nexenta, one of the few big data storage providers that specializes in direct-attached, software-defined storage, on May 18 launched NexentaEdge, a block- and object-storage system for petabyte-scale cluster stores.

The announcement was made at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, B.C., which continues through May 22.

NexentaEdge is purpose-built as a high-performance manager of petabyte-scale repositories, and is the first software-only, scale-out storage system to deliver cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression, Director of Product Management Oscar Wahlberg told eWEEK.

Naturally, NexentaEdge is optimized for OpenStack clouds, object-based active archives and big data applications.

NexentaEdge runs on so-called "shared-nothing" clusters of commodity, industry-standard Linux servers. "Shared-nothing" computing systems use a distributed architecture in which each node is independent, with no nodes sharing memory or disk storage.

NexentaEdge features cluster-wide inline deduplication, compression, real-time self-balancing and unlimited instant snapshots and clones.

Other features of NexentaEdge:

--It has the only scale-out storage delivering low-latency iSCSI block and high-performance Swift and S3 object services.

--It can be deployed as a storage service on 10GbE-connected clusters of Intel-based Linux servers running Ubuntu, CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux.

--It has enterprise-grade data integrity and unlimited space optimized snapshot and clone capabilities when running Nexenta's Cloud Copy On Write.

--It has the only fully distributed, in-line deduplication and compression of all data ingested in the cluster, at any scale.

--It has the ability to scale storage capacity and performance (I/O per second or throughput) independently of each other, supporting all hard-disk drive (HDD), hybrid and all solid-state drive (SSD) configurations.

NexentaEdge's perpetual license lists from $0.15/GB to less than $0.10/GB at capacity, plus maintenance and support. Go here for more information.

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