NSI Software to Roll Out Double-Take for Virtual Systems

Double-Take for Virtual Systems is targeted at increasing usage and deployment of virtualization technology.

NSI Software will begin shipping its new Double-Take for Virtual Systems product on Feb. 1, bringing its host-based Double-Take software platforms data protection, replication and failover capabilities over to virtualized server environments.

Targeted at increasing usage and deployment of virtualization technology such as EMCs VMWare and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2, Double-Take for Virtual Systems will be announced Feb. 6 as a stand-alone product from NSI.

The product features configuration options for a virtualized target, source or both, and can deliver disaster recovery and high availability to virtualized machines, said Bob Roudebush, director of Solutions Engineering for Hoboken, NJ-based NSI.

One license for DT for Virtual Systems supports up to five virtualized machines, as long as theyre all running on the same host.

The product provides both WAN and LAN support and in terms of VMWare support, will run ESX and GSX servers.

As customers evolve their IT infrastructures and consolidate multiple physical boxes to a virtual host and spread their data and critical applications across virtual machines, the issue of security and data protection within that virtualized arena is becoming paramount.

DT for Virtual Systems leverages the full complement of DTs host-based replication technology to either protect data within a virtual machine, or it can be used on the host itself to replicate those virtual disks to an outside location.

This can augment disaster recovery by allowing simplified recovery of those virtual machines in the case of a disaster or unexpected shutdown, Roudebush said.

The new products high-availability and failover options give customers the ability to monitor and failover their virtual machines from one virtual host to another in the event of an outage.

In addition, by virtualizing a target server within a virtualized environment, DT for Virtual Systems can perform many-to-one failover from physical to virtual machines running on a virtual host.

This could save customer dollars from a hardware and software perspective.


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