OCZ Launches New Onyx SSDs for Small Offices

OCZ Technology Group has a new SSD, the Onyx Vertex, that at $100 for 32GB of capacity can serve as an entry point for someone curious about trying SSDs.

Home and small-office laptop or desktop users and those who run servers and/or a RAID array at some point might be interested in swapping out a disk drive for a solid-state one for performance purposes.
If that's the case, San Jose, Calif.-based disk drive maker OCZ Technology Group has a new SSD (solid-state drive), the Onyx Vertex, that can serve as an entry point for someone curious about trying SSDs.
Pricing is one of the key news factors here. OCZ has set the cost of about $100 for a 32GB Onyx SSD, which is one of the lowest in the market. HHDs are also relatively inexpensive; one can buy a 500GB high-speed SATA2 hard drive also for about $100.
Like all SSDs, Onyx can do several things faster than spinning disk drives. They load applications faster, offer quicker data access, enable shorter bootups and don't use as much battery power.
Onyx SSDs also feature 64MB of on-board cache, OCZ said.
Because OCZ SSDs have no moving parts, the drives are more rugged than conventional hard drives.
Onyx Series SSDs have a 1.5 million-hour mean time between failure (MTBF), OCZ said. OCZ also offers a three-year warranty and technical support.
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