OpenLink Debuts Virtuoso 3

OpenLink Software Inc. on Tuesday released Virtuoso 3, an update of its cross-platform virtual database for SQL, XML and Web services.

Virtuoso 3 enables real-time, concurrent access to heterogeneous data sources including ODBC (Open Database Connectivity)/JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)/OLE DB/.Net-accessible databases, XML documents and data-set-oriented Web services—which are Web services capable of returning data. Examples of data-set Web services include a Google or Amazon Web service.

Using data-set Web services, developers can combine data returned with other SQL or XML data or with other returned data sets to create a number of things: another Web service that returns data from all contributing sources, an XML document, a SQL stored procedure, and/or a SQL table or view with the column defined as User-Defined Type based on the original Web service.

Virtuoso uses a variety of data-access interfaces, including XML, XQuery, XPath, SQL, ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB and ADO .Net. The software is designed to integrate transparently with runtime environments for distributed computing, such as Microsoft Corp.s .Net, Mono and J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition). This enables the creation and hosting of WSDL-compliant XML Web services, stored procedures, functions, triggers and user-defined types written in Java or any .Net-bound neighbor.