Overland to Launch Pair of Disk Backup Appliances

The tape library supplier's new appliances are a result of its recent acquisition of Okapi Software.

Tape library supplier Overland Storage Inc. will launch two new disk backup appliances next week, which are a result of its recent acquisition of Okapi Software Inc.

The disk backup trend has seen much traction in the past year, to the point where "you can literally build a secondary backup SAN," combined with iSCSI technology, said John Matze, former Okapi CEO and president, and now vice president and chief technology officer of Overland.

One of the new products, the Reo B2000, is simply a rebranded version of Okapis former Backup Acceleration Appliance, said Matze, in San Diego. That connects directly to storage systems. It starts at $25,000 and is available now.

The other product, Reo R2000, is new, for users running data through a server. Because it doesnt need the B2000s parallel streaming and disk-to-disk-to-tape feature, it will cost under $20,000, Matze said. That will ship in September, he said.

Both versions come with 2 terabytes of serial ATA disks. "Were working on expansion modules that will bring it up … greater than 8TB," he added.

The appliances offer iSCSI initiator software from IBM and Microsoft Corp. They work with Intel Corp. and QLogic Corp. host-bus adapters, Matze said.