Panzura's New Cloud Archive Aimed at Surveillance Video

As part of the launch, IBM Cloud is offering 10TB of free storage for 30 days, and AWS is offering 10TB of free storage for 14 days.

Is your enterprise running into a problem storing important but capacity-hogging, infrequently accessed surveillance video? This is becoming a serious storage issue for an increasing number of businesses.
Cloud storage and archive provider Panzura may have an answer for this. The Campbell, Calif.-based company on Dec. 21 launched a new archiving service, Freedom Archive, designed to manage, store and access lesser-used data from any cloud and any location.
As part of the launch, IBM Cloud is offering up to 10TB of free storage for 30 days, and Amazon Web Services is offering up to 10TB of free storage for 14 days, the company said.
Panzura enables global businesses to store, collaborate and back up files using its Panzura File System and Cloud Storage in any cloud needed. The new Freedom Archive is aimed at long-term management, storage and access of surveillance video, health-care imaging, seismic data, life sciences information and other valuable data.

Archiving on Primary, Secondary Storage is Expensive
Many enterprises are storing less-frequently accessed data on relatively expensive primary or secondary storage or are transferring data to traditional but harder-to-access archiving methods, such as tape or optical disk.

Panzura's archive combines the benefits of high-performance local cache for high speed and on-demand access to important data with the economics and capacity of cloud storage to make archiving of petabytes of data simpler and more cost-effective.
"Because surveillance and body-cam video continue to be an integral public safety tool used by police departments and as health-care legislation increases mandates for the retention of patient data, these organizations run into the problem of how they can safely and cost-effectively store this growing amount of information and still be able to quickly and easily retrieve it when required," said Scott Sinclair, a senior analyst at ESG.
"Panzura addresses those needs by providing access to video recordings and/or medical records that wouldn't otherwise be as easily accessible if it resided on tape at an offsite location. Instead, users can implement Freedom Archive to move this data to the cloud to ensure they still have access while keeping costs under control."

Key Features
Freedom Archive includes:
--the ability to identify and move archive data from expensive and older on-premise storage solutions to the cloud at a lower cost;
--smart-data policy management that ensures high-performance access to the data that matters while storing the colder, inactive data on inexpensive cloud storage;
--data compression and de-duplication to ensure maximum cloud storage efficiency; and
--military-grade encryption for data at rest and in flight for strong data security, enabling use by highly regulated and unregulated industries alike.
Organizations such as Chevron, American College of Radiology, NBC Universal, Time Warner Cable and multiple law enforcement agencies currently use Freedom Archive as their high performance, active-archive solution, the company said.
Freedom Archive works across all major public cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, and IBM Cloud as well as private cloud object storage providers including IBM, HDS, and EMC. Pricing starts at less than two cents per gigabyte per month and is available as a term or perpetual license.
Freedom Archive is available immediately, and a free 30-day trial can be downloaded here.

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