Playstation Portable Details Revealed

Sony discloses an updated spec for the Playstation Portable. We dig past the surface to better understand the implications of Sony's announcement.

Sony recently released the specs for the Playstation Portable, aka the PSP, which isnt slated for release until late 2004. When Sony first discussed the PSP at last Mays E3 Expo, most people initially thought that Sony was targeting Nintendos Gameboy line of portable gaming devices. But if you take a look at the specs, its clear that the Gameboy isnt the primary target. Lets walk through the laundry list of features and see what we can learn beyond the raw specs.

Handheld Digital Entertainment Center
If you take a quick look at the high level specs, which is more of a features list, its clear that this device is much more than a gaming system.

  • 21st Century Portable System
  • Integrates all forms of digital entertainment
  • 3D-CG Game
  • 7.1 channel audio, 3D Sound
  • ATRAC3 plus, AAC, MP3 audio file formats for Music
  • AVC/WMP file formats for Picture / Movie
  • 16:9 Widescreen TFT LCD
  • Embedded Wireless LAN (802.11)
  • Li-ion Battery
  • Extension for GPS, Digital Tuner

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