Presto, Storage!

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Presto, Storage!

Growth rates are 50 to 100 percent per year, the same as at large enterprises. A major reason is the need to preserve data to comply with new business regulations.

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Presto, Storage! - New systems to the rescue

New network storage products offer high storage capacities at lower cost and with greater ease of use.

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Presto, Storage! - Big storage for little guys

Vendors ranging from EMC/Dell to Bell Microproducts have announced and shipped network storage products for small enterprises in recent months.

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Presto, Storage! - New interfaces boast ease of use

Compellent's Storage Center 3.5 has a graphical interface intended for nontechnical administrators.

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Presto, Storage! - More benefits

In addition to lower cost and ease of use, the new storage systems bring such benefits as the ability to consolidate direct-attached storage in storage networks and the ability to implement snapshot data mirroring for better backup and

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