Quest Software Upgrades VMware Deployment Protection

The Southern California-based company claims that its new vRanger data protection suite is the first one designed expressly for VMware vSphere environments.

Quest Software on Feb. 1 announced that it has added three new data protection features to its vRanger Pro product for VMware deployments.
In fact, the company claims that its new, updated vRanger data protection suite is the first such product designed expressly for VMware vSphere environments.
The new features for vRanger include integrated backup and replication, located in a single console with customizable deployment; native cataloging with integrated restore to easily locate and restore individual files; and Fibre restore, to speed recovery times and eliminate LAN (local area network) traffic in Fibre Channel environments.
As a result of this upgrade, vRanger Pro now includes all of the capabilities of Quest's Software vReplicator, which gives organizations comprehensive protection for vSphere environments.
With the vRanger and vReplicator product line, Quest now enables users to deploy specific levels of protection. For example, low-impact application and Web servers may need backup-only protection, while mission-critical app servers may require a combination of backup and replication coverage.
Quest Fast Becoming a Cloud System Player
The Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based enterprise IT provider, which started out in 1987 as a toolmaker for simplifying Oracle database management, has been moving swiftly of late into the cloud-computing platform-and-tools businesses.
The company has been acquiring intellectual property from companies such as Vizioncore and BakBone to build out these new business strategies.
Quest has been steadily building up its intellectual property in cloud systems and storage management. In August 2010, Quest acquired private cloud management specialist Surgient. In July 2010, the company picked up V??élcker Informatik AG, a privately held identity management solutions provider based in Germany.
Quest's product line already includes virtualization controls-the vOptimizer Pro and vFoglight management tools-from Vizioncore, an acquisition it did three years ago.
Quest's application management products focus in the ERP, Java EE and Microsoft .NET market spaces. Database management tools include support for MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase and Oracle.
The company claims more than 100,000 customers worldwide, including 87 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, and has some 60 offices in 23 countries. It reported $695 million in total revenue in 2009.

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