REO Aces Disk-to-Disk Backup

REO Series R2000 is a solid, reasonably priced choice for SMB's disk-to-disk backup needs, finds eWEEK Labs. The appliance uses Serial ATA hard drives for storage and iSCSI for connectivity but lacks the flexibility that VTL systems offer.

Overland Storage Inc.s REO Series R2000 is an interesting backup acceleration appliance that caters to small businesses and remote offices.

Leveraging iSCSI and Serial ATA drives, the REO Series R2000 is a good solution for sites that want to implement a disk-to-disk backup system in a cost-efficient manner. The REO Series R2000 sits between application and backup servers, where it can accept backup feeds from multiple application servers simultaneously.

Available now and priced at $24,995, the REO Series R2000 is a relative bargain, considering that its equipped with as much as 2 terabytes of storage. In contrast, FalconStor Software Inc.s IPStor VirtualTape Library appliance starts at $15,900 for the appliance alone, with no storage included.


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REO Series R2000

Overland Storages $24,995 REO Series R2000 appliance is a solid, reasonably priced choice for small and midsize businesses disk-to-disk backup needs. The REO Series R2000 uses Serial ATA hard drives for storage and iSCSI for connectivity but lacks the flexibility that VTL systems offer.
















  • PRO: Fairly inexpensive to deploy; comes with 2 terabytes of storage.
  • CON: Not as efficient as VTL systems; supports only Windows servers.

• Alacritus Securitus software • FalconStors IPStor VTL appliance

iSCSI and Serial ATA

By incorporating Serial ATA drives in the REO Series R2000, Overland Storage can provide IT managers with 2 terabytes of storage (using eight 250GB drives) in a small 2U (3.5-inch), rack-mount appliance.

For shops that need expanded storage, Overland Data also sells the REO Series RX2000 module, which brings 2 terabytes of additional capacity to the REO Series R2000 at a cost of $15,600 per module. At this price, it is fairly easy (from a cost point of view) to create a large disk-to-disk backup infrastructure that can quickly back up and restore application data.

By leveraging iSCSI, the REO Series R2000 can back up servers without requiring sites to install expensive Fibre Channel host bus adapters and switches. This will make it even more attractive to IT managers who dont want or cant afford to invest in the expensive world of Fibre Channel storage area networks.

In tests using Microsoft Corp.s Windows Server 2003, we easily connected our application servers to the REO Series R2000 after downloading and installing Microsofts iSCSI client. (The REO appliance works with Windows servers only.) The drives on the REO Series R2000 appeared as removable disks, once we were able to access them via iSCSI.